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Tabnie Dozier Enterprises, LLC

A top-notch media professional that leads with integrity. Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist Tabnie Dozier is here to help with your creative direction! With elevating your business exposure and attracting more clients, freelance writing for your business or client profiles, and uplifting your event as a dynamic and eloquent MC and host.

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Tabnie serving as host for the annual Kentucky Derby in the West for Dress for Success Reno-Northern Nevada fundraiser.

"Tabnie was a huge help in just helping me refine my skills, my reporting, live shots, all of the above and she’s fantastic and that’s all I have to say." Tab, thank you for everything that you have helped me with, both professionally and personally." Bridget Chavez, Reporter/Anchor KIRO Seattle

"I had my first news job and even though I had experience in sports, that didn’t translate necessarily to newswriting. So, having Tabnie there to really push me and to just help me cultivate my skills in a whole new way…it was something I didn’t know I needed. I am so grateful not only for her leadership but for her friendship and love." Gianna Hearn, Host NBA G-League

The company

As CEO & Founder, Tabnie (she/her) brings more than a decade of experience as a Producer, Reporter, Writer, Anchor, Storyteller and Host, working for various local news stations, media companies like Essence Magazine, Today's Woman Magazine and creative services agencies across the country. In addition to being of assistance as a public servant, by organizing and leading non-profit events and serving on Boards of Directors. Do you need assistance with planning an event for a non-profit? Celebrating your clients or staff with testimonials and features? Connect with Tabnie for guidance on crafting your message and reaching the most ears and eyes.


Services offered:

  • Freelance Storyteller (blogging, vlogging, long or short form pieces)

  • Hosting non-profit and for-profit fundraisers, awards ceremonies and other events

  • Writing and facilitating news releases for your business or endeavor

  • Career consulting for print and on-air journalists and media relations specialists


Look no further, Tabnie has you covered. Prices are available upon request. Let’s grow together!

Connect by sending an email:

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